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Bandwidth converter
Convert bandwidth in MBps to KB/s, GB/day, ...

Data size calculator
Calculate 10 Mbps x 6.5 hours = ? GB

Color tools

RGB ⇆ CMYK converter
Convert RGB ͍ CMYK, HSV, Grayscale...

Photo tools

Aspect ratio calculator
Calculate & compare aspect ratio from image dimensions

Megapixel calculator
Calculate & compare megapixels from image dimensions

Composition calculator
Focal length, subject distance, crop factor => image composition

Depth-of-Field calculator
Aperture, focal length, subject distance, crop factor => depth-of-field

Video tools

Frame rate converter
Framerate conversion with ffmpeg and sox

Video size calculator
Estimate video size from resolution and duration

Calculator tools

Speed converter
Convert m/s into km/h, mph, mach

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