File size calculator: WD Red 4TB drive

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This calculator helps you estimate filesize, using bandwidth and time as inputs. Use it to estimate video file size, network backup ...

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3.561 days * 13 MB/s

= 3.561 days * 13MB/s

= 4TB


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Samsung 850 EVO 120GB SSD x 33.3 units = 4TB Intel 530 240GB SSD x 16.7 units = 4TB WD Blue 500GB drive x 8 units = 4TB WD Blue 1TB drive x 4 units = 4TB Samsung 840 EVO 1TB SSD x 4 units = 4TB WD Purple 2TB drive x 2 units = 4TB WD Red Pro 3TB drive x 1.3 units = 4TB WD Red 4TB drive = 1 files of 4TB WD Green 6TB drive = 1.5 files of 4TB