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This website contains a bunch of web-based tools (you don't need to install anything, just run them here) that I have developed through the years. Use them like you want (within reason) and if you really like them, let me know.

Data tools

Bandwidth converter
Convert bandwidth from Mbps to KB/s, GB/day, ...

Data size calculator
Calculate 10 Mbps x 6.5 hours = ? GB

Color tools

RGB color converter
Convert RGB colors ⇆ CMYK, HSV, XYZ, Grayscale...

CMYK color converter
Convert CMYK colors ⇆ RGB, HSV, XYZ, Grayscale...

Finance tools

Mortgage loan calculator
Calculate monthly payments for a mortgage loan at X% interest and N years duration

Photo tools

Aspect ratio calculator
Calculate & compare aspect ratio from image dimensions

Megapixel calculator
Calculate & compare megapixels from image dimensions

Composition calculator
Focal length, subject distance, crop factor => image composition

Depth-of-Field calculator
Aperture, focal length, subject distance, crop factor => depth-of-field

Video tools

Frame rate converter
Framerate conversion with ffmpeg and sox

Video size calculator
Estimate video size from resolution and duration

Web tools

HTML encoder
HTML Encoder

Calculator tools

Speed converter
Convert m/s into km/h, mph, mach

About tools

History & development
What? Who? Why? How?

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Progress on the technical side