Calculator tools

Calculator tools

Speed converter
m/s ⇆ km/h, mph, mach

Acceleration calculator
Convert m/s² into in/s², g

Distance calculator
Speed x time → distance

Exponential growth
Exponential growth / logarithmic decay

Mortgage loan calculator
Calculate monthly payments for a mortgage loan

Fuel Cost calculator
How much $ does your car fuel cost per year?

Electric Car calculator
How much $ does your electric car use in kWh per year?

Gladwell's 10000 hours
Deliberate practice according to Malcolm Gladwell

How could you use these tools?

This motor cycle does 185 km/h. What is that in miles/hr, and in meter/sec?
Click on calculate >> speed
Fill in 180 km/hr. This translates to 115 miles/hr, and 51.39 meter/sec.
If I can drive at 95km/hr on average, how far can I get in 16 hours of driving?
Click on calculate >> distance
Fill in 95 km/hr and 16 hours. This will give you 1520 km or 944 mile of distance.
If I practice my violin for 3 hours every day, how long until I reach (Gladwell's) 10.000 hours level of excellence?
Click on calculate >> practice
Fill in 3 hours, 7 days/week and 52 weeks. You will find it would take you 9.2 years.