Acceleration calculator

Acceleration is the derivative of velocity, and the 2nd derivative of distance. Use this calculator to calculate speed after a certain time of constant acceleration. E.g. after 5 seconds of falling (1g), the velocity is +- 50m/s.

Acceleration conversion

= 9.807 m/sec²
= 10.72 yard/sec²
= 980.7 Gal (Galileo)= 1 g (earth gravity)

Acceleration x time = speed

  • After 2.83 seconds at this acceleration, the speed is 100km/h, the distance is 39.3 meter
  • After 2.73 seconds at this acceleration, the speed is 60mph
  • After 1 seconds (1 sec) at this acceleration, the speed is 9.81 m/s (35.3 km/h)
  • After 5 seconds at this acceleration, the speed is 49.03 m/s (176.52 km/h)
  • Compare

    Compare 1 g (earth gravity) to speed standards from:

    Nissan Leaf: 3.01 m/sec² BMW i3: 3.67 m/sec² Jaguar I-PACE: 5.96 m/sec² BMW i8: 6.09 m/sec² Audi R8 Spyder: 7.72 m/sec² Mercedes AMG GT-R: 7.72 m/sec² Tesla X P100D: 9.57 m/sec² Nissan GT-R: 9.93 m/sec² Tesla S P100D: 11.17 m/sec² Bugatti Veyron 16.4 GSV: 11.17 m/sec²


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