Depth-of-field calculator

Calculate the depth-of-field (the 'bokeh' effect) from the technical parameters of your lens/camera and your subject distance.


  • Circle of Confusion: 0.029 mm
    the largest blur spot that will still be perceived by the human eye as a point
    is an empirical constant, only influenced by crop factor
  • Hyperfocal distance: 30.79 meter
    distance beyond which all objects can be brought into an acceptable focus
    influenced by focal length and aperture
  • Objects will be in focus from 7.56m to 14.77m
  • In-focus range = 7.22m = 72.2% of subject distance
  • Wide depth of field


↙️ 📷 Camera↙️ 🧍 Subject @ 10 m

Composition calculator for focal length 50 mm, distance 10 meter