Natural Gas Cost

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This calculator helps you estimate the total price you pay per month/year for natural gas. Natural gas is typically used in a house for (central) heating, warm water and/or cooking. This calculator is a bit complicated because gas usage is sometimes expressed in m3 (volume) and sometimes in kWh (energy), and conversion between those, is not straightforward. Also, some prices are expressed in €/m3 and others in €/kWh. This calculator supports both.

This price is very instable now (2022, Ukrainian war). Look it up on your monthly bill.
This basically depends on your supplier. Typical values are between 10 and 12.

Conversion: Consumption

Let's first calculate the gas consumption in both m3 and kWh.

82.19 kWh/day
576.92 kWh/week
2500 kWh/month
30000 kWh/year
7.23 m³/day
50.74 m³/week
219.88 m³/month
2638.52 m³/year

Calculation : Price

Now use the price and the calorific conversion to convert this to an amount of money.

0.23 €/kWh
2.6151 €/m3
18.9 €/day
132.69 €/week
575 €/month
6900 €/year



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