Electrical Power calculator

Calculate power (Watt)

Potential ?5 V (Volt)
Current ?1 A (Ampere)A = C/s
Resistance ?5 Ω (Ohm)Ω = V / A
Active power ?5 W (Watt)rate of energy transfer / W = V * A

Calculate energy (KWh/Joule)

After 1 hours of continuous power usage:

Charge (Ah)1 Ah
Energy (kWh)5 Wh
Energy (Joule)18 MJ
Energy (Calorie)4.3 Mcal

Calculate capacity (mAh/Wh)

Compare capacity with [AA batteries] [Powerpack] [Phone]

Battery typeWatt-hourempty after
Rechargeable AA Li-ion - 800mAh @ 3.6V:2.88 Wh34.6 minutes
Non-rechargeable AA Zinc-Carbon - 900mAh @ 1.5V:1.35 Wh16.2 minutes
Rechargeable AA NiCd - 1000mAh @ 1.2V:1.2 Wh14.4 minutes
Non-rechargeable AA Zinc-Chloride - 1500mAh @ 1.5V:2.25 Wh27 minutes
Rechargeable AA NiZn - 1800mAh @ 1.6V:2.88 Wh34.6 minutes
Rechargeable AA NiMH - 2850mAh @ 1.2V:3.42 Wh41 minutes
Non-rechargeable AA Alkaline - 3000mAh @ 1.5V:4.5 Wh54 minutes