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Use this mileage calculator to estimate your monthly/yearly budget for EV charging. There is an equivalent calculator for fossil fuel cars.


Electricity consumption for an electric car

To fully charge a battery117.65 kWh
which costs23.53 $/charge
Weekly mileage299 miles/week481 km/week
Monthly mileage1294 miles/month2083 km/month
Yearly mileage15534 miles/year25000 km/year
Weekly charging1.2 times/week
Monthly charging5 times/month
Yearly charging63 times/year
Weekly cost28.5 $/week
Monthly cost123.5 $/month
Yearly cost1482 $/year
Cost/distance9.47 $/100 miles5.88 $/100 km
Lifetime cost5928 $


Imperial: miles/gallons/$/£
  • Tesla Model S USA: $4.13/100 miles
  • Tesla Model S Mexico: $2.54/100 miles
  • Tesla Model 3 (UK): 6.04 £/100 miles
  • Metric: km/€
  • Tesla Model 3 (Germany): 7.77€/100 km
  • Tesla Model 3 (Belgium): 6.44€/100 km
  • Tesla Model 3 (Serbia): 1.55 €/100 km
  • References

  • Worldwide electricity prices: for households (0.02-0.36 €)
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