Redirect check: ""

HTTP redirect (a.k.a. web forwarding) is used when you want to send browsers/visitors from one URL to another automatically. This can be because you've switched domain names, and you don't want to lose people who still arrive on the old URL, or because you use an easy-to-remember domain (e.g. but the actual content is on another website.

HTTP redirection

     Original URL:
     DNS: → •
     Local privacy upgrade (same domain)
     Final redirect: (privacy upgraded)
     Permanent redirection (301) - Search engines will eventually only index the destination
     Redirect keeps path:<xyz><xyz>
     Redirect keeps querystring:<var=abc><var=abc>

HTTPS redirection

     Original URL: - check HTTPS config settings for
     Regular https page, not a redirect
     Certificate issued to:
     Certificate issued by: GTS CA 1P5
     Web server: cloudflare


This config code is a simple representation of the redirection policies on this server. It's an easy way to compare two sites without reading all the text.


  • regional URL, redirects to [D-wsU1PQ-sR1PQ-wSR1PQ-Sd1PQ]
  • common misspelled URL, redirects to Amazon [D-wsR1Q-sR1Q-w0x-0x]
  • a short URL, redirects to Youtube [P-sU1-SR1]
  • a domain for a product, that redirects to the vendor's site [D-wsU1Q-sU1Q-wSR1Q-SR1Q]
  • everything redirects to secure [D-wsR1PQ-sR1PQ-wS!-SR1PQ]
  • regional URL, redirects to, but no https [D-wsR1-sR1-w0x-0x]