Image filesize calculator

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Image sizes

Uncompressed 8bit monochrome (BMP):102 MB (101.8 MP x 8 bit/pixel)
Uncompressed 10bit monochrome (TIFF):127 MB (101.8 MP x 10 bit/pixel)
Uncompressed 12bit monochrome (RAW):153 MB (101.8 MP x 12 bit/pixel)
Uncompressed 14bit monochrome (RAW):178 MB (101.8 MP x 14 bit/pixel)
Uncompressed 16bit monochrome (RAW):204 MB (101.8 MP x 16 bit/pixel)
Uncompressed 3x8bit RGB (TIFF/BMP):305 MB (101.8 MP x 24 bit/pixel)
Uncompressed 4x8bit RGBA (PNG):407 MB (101.8 MP x 32 bit/pixel)
Uncompressed 3x16bit RGB (TIFF):611 MB (101.8 MP x 48 bit/pixel)
Uncompressed 4x16bit RGBA (OPENEXR):814 MB (101.8 MP x 64 bit/pixel)

Filesize estimations

Compressed JPG 100% 24bit/pixel:20.8 MB
Compressed JPG 90% 24bit/pixel:10.4 MB
Compressed GIF 8bit/pixel, 255 colors:31.2 MB
Compressed PNG losless 24bit/pixel:59.1 MB
Compressed JPEG-2000:76.3 MB
Compressed Canon sRAW CR2:89 MB
Compressed Canon mRAW CR2:134 MB
Compressed Lossless JPEG:153 MB
Compressed Nikon NEF 14-bit uncompressed:178 MB
Compressed Nikon NEF 14-bit lossless compressed:98.9 MB
Compressed Nikon NEF 14-bit compressed:85.9 MB