PAL DVD: 0.41 megapixel


  • Size = 720 x 576 = 414,720 pixels
  • Megapixels = 415 KP
  • Aspect ratio: 1.25 (landscape orientation)

File size/print size

Calculate file size/print size of 720 x 576 resolution for:
RAW/BMPTIFF/DPX/OpenEXRCompressed image sizesMax print sizes for DPI

Uncompressed RAW/BMP

TIFF Monochrome 8bit/pixel415 KB
RAW/DNG 10 bits/pixel518 KB
RAW/DNG 12 bits/pixel622 KB
RAW/DNG 14 bits/pixel726 KB
RAW/DNG 16 bits/pixel829 KB
BMP RGB 3x8 bit/pixel1.24 MB
OPENEXR RGBA 4x16 bit/pixel3.32 MB


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