DCP Size calculator

This calculator helps you estimate the file/folder size of the DCP version of a video, this is the format used for digital cinema.

Image (JPEG2000)

Audio (24-bit PCM WAV)


Calculate audio bitrate

  • The audio part of the DCP is stored as a 48khz, 24-bit, uncompressed 5.1 (or stereo) MXF files.
  • Audio bitrate/channel: 1.15Mbps
  • Audio bitrate total: 6 channels: 6.91Mbps

Calculate video bitrate

  • The image part of the DCP is stored as a series of JPEG2000-encoded .j2c files, bundled in MXF files.
  • Total bitrate = 250Mbps = 31.25MB/s
  • Video bitrate (without audio) = 243.09Mbps = 30.39MB/s
  • per frame: 1.27MB/frame
  • per pixel: 1.145 bits/pixel
  • compression factor: 4.77% or ±21:1

Calculate DCP size

  • Total run length: 7200 seconds
  • Total frame count: 172800 frames
  • Total package size: 225GB
  • Total Audio size: 6.22GB = 2.8%
  • Total Video size: 218.78GB = 97.2%