Emoji Charmap (Unicode)

💘heart with arrow (cupid)
📲mobile phone with arrow (cell, receive)
📩envelope with arrow (e-mail, email, outgoing)
🏹bow and arrow (Sagittarius, archer, zodiac)
up arrow (cardinal, direction, north)
up-right arrow (direction, intercardinal, northeast)
right arrow (cardinal, direction, east)
down-right arrow (direction, intercardinal, southeast)
down arrow (cardinal, direction, south)
down-left arrow (direction, intercardinal, southwest)
left arrow (cardinal, direction, west)
up-left arrow (direction, intercardinal, northwest)
up-down arrow
left-right arrow
right arrow curving left
left arrow curving right
right arrow curving up
right arrow curving down
🔃clockwise vertical arrows (reload)
🔄counterclockwise arrows button (anticlockwise, withershins)
🔙BACK arrow
🔚END arrow
🔛ON! arrow (mark)
🔜SOON arrow
🔝TOP arrow (up)
🔀shuffle tracks button (arrow, crossed)
🔁repeat button (arrow, clockwise)
🔂repeat single button (arrow, clockwise, once)
play button (arrow, right, triangle)
fast-forward button (arrow, double)
next track button (arrow, next scene, triangle)
play or pause button (arrow, right, triangle)
reverse button (arrow, left, triangle)
fast reverse button (arrow, double, rewind)
last track button (arrow, previous scene, previous track, triangle)
🔼upwards button (arrow)
fast up button (arrow, double)
🔽downwards button (arrow)
fast down button (arrow, double)

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Emoji characters?

Emojis (from Japanese 絵文字) are pictographs 🍋 (pictorial symbols) that can be used in text, just like other characters. The way they look 🕶 might change from one browser 🦊 to the other. Emojis are vector-based, so you can scale ↕ them as big as you want. They stay the same for every font 🈂.Last update: v12.1, 2019 📆.
For HTML-encoded characters like μ, ⇑ and «, check the HTML character map.