Emoji Charmap (Unicode)

🏐volleyball (game)
🎳bowling (ball, game)
🏏cricket game (ball, bat)
🏑field hockey (ball, game, stick)
🏒ice hockey (game, puck, stick)
🏓ping pong (ball, bat, game, paddle, table tennis)
🏸badminton (birdie, game, racquet, shuttlecock)
🥌curling stone (game, rock)
🎯bullseye (dart, direct hit, game, hit, target)
🎱pool 8 ball (billiard, eight, game)
🎮video game (controller)
🕹joystick (game, video game)
🎰slot machine (game)
🎲game die (dice)
spade suit (card, game)
heart suit (card, game)
diamond suit (card, game)
club suit (card, game)
🃏joker (card, game, wildcard)
🀄mahjong red dragon (game)
🎴flower playing cards (Japanese, game)

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Emoji characters?

Emojis (from Japanese 絵文字) are pictographs 🍋 (pictorial symbols) that can be used in text, just like other characters. The way they look 🕶 might change from one browser 🦊 to the other. Emojis are vector-based, so you can scale ↕ them as big as you want. They stay the same for every font 🈂.Last update: v12.1, 2019 📆.
For HTML-encoded characters like μ, ⇑ and «, check the HTML character map.