Emoji character: 📰

Emoji details

  • Name: "newspaper"

  • Use it as:
    Unicode character«10 things you should know about 📰»
    Unicode codepoint
    HTML encoded<span>&#x1F4F0</span>
    punycodewww.📰.cn ≡ www.xn--mu8h.cn
    urlencoded?c=📰 ≡ ?c=%F0%9F%93%B0
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Emoji characters?

Emojis (from Japanese 絵文字) are pictographs 🍋 (pictorial symbols) that can be used in text, just like other characters. The way they look 🕶 might change from one browser 🊊 to the other. Emojis are vector-based, so you can scale ↕ them as big as you want. They stay the same for every font 🈂.Last update: v12.1, 2019 📆.
For HTML-encoded characters like ÎŒ, ⇑ and «, check the HTML character map.